Hi there,

I’m Julien from France. My passion for flying started when I was a kid and discovered the game Flight Simulator. Since then, I’ve probably played several thousand of hours, and I’ve never stopped dreaming about flying.

Private pilot

I became a private pilot in 2010. Since then, I’ve been flying in France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. I’ve also flown as a “visitor” (with a local pilot) in Iceland, Singapore, South Africa, Namibia and Argentina. I currently have logged more than 230 hours of flight time.

The airfields I’ve used are detailed on the map below. Some have a video attached, click on the pinpoint to view.

My qualifications are:

  • Private pilot (European PPL)
  • VFR (visual flight rules)
  • Single-engine piston
  • French and English radio communications
  • Pitch propeller
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • EFIS (glass cockpit): Aspen and G1000

I’m allowed to fly these aircrafts:

  • Cessna 150 (2 seats)
  • Cessna 172 (4 seats)
  • Cessna 172 RG “Cutlass” (4 seats with more range and higher speed)

I am currently studying the ATPL theory. Getting this theory certificate will allow me to get additional qualifications. For instance: IR (instrument rating), ME (multi-engine), and perhaps CPL (commercial).

A320 simulator

In addition, I have about 40 hours of non-official experience on an Airbus A320 simulator.

A320 simulator

Airbus A320 simulator, copilot seat

Jump-seat in airliners

Finally, I flew a number of times as observer in airliner cockpits, either during take-off, landing, cruise or for the whole flight, in the following aircrafts:

  • Fokker 70 (AMS-BLL)
  • ERJ-135/145/170/190 (CDG-NUE route x4, CDG-BRE route x2, RGA-AEP in Argentina)
  • Avro-RJ85 (CDG-NUE route)
  • B737 (CDG-AMS)
  • Airbus A320 family (at least CDG-BLL x3, CDG-CPH, CDG-MAD x3, CDG-HAM x2, CDG-MUC, CDG-BOD, CDG-LYS)
  • Boeing B777 (CDG-EZE, CDG-SIN x2)
  • Airbus A330 (CDG-GIG)
  • Airbus A340 (CDG-DTW)


I just love flying and sharing this passion. The smile on my friends’ faces when we fly together is the greatest reward I can get.

Happy flying!


Last update: January 11, 2015

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