A day airtrip to Deauville

Let’s face it: Deauville is arguably the closest destination from Paris that is fun. There’s a beach, a spa, a casino, and many restaurants. It’s also known for its big horse races. As an alternative to Deauville, you also have Le Havre, but I’d say it’s not as fun. So, when organizing a quick day-airtrip outside of Paris that costs less than 100€ per person, Deauville is probably the best choice. With this budget, Deauville gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

This time, we’ve been there with a few friends willing to try the airtrip experience.

Map Paris Deauville

Map Paris Deauville

Here come the pictures.

Deauville and Trouville are neighbor cities, they are separated by a river.

This time, after landing, we took a cab to down town (20€ and 10 minutes one way), and looked for a restaurant. We had lunch at Le Central, one of the beach-facing restaurants. They had pretty good mussels that day.

After that, we walked around the city, and to the beach. One of us (not me!) decided to take a short dive. The water is really cold if not in July or August, at least according to my standards. We just watched him go in the freezing-cold water (temp at about 18°C), and come back. It is quite funny because it took him longer to walk from the beach to the water and back, than to stay in the water. As a matter of fact, the beach at Trouville gets extremely long when it is low tide, which seemed to be the case at that time.

We had a crepe or a gaufre (French take-away desert, yummy!) and went back to the airfield. We didn’t have enough time to try the spa or the casino. But next time, we will!


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